Sunday, November 23, 2008

"This couldn't have happened at Southcenter. It's a gun-free zone."

Well, the law-abiding folks had to leave their weapons at home, yet somehow there was a shooting at the Southcenter mall. One person was killed and another injured in this case. Obviously it could have been much worse. The post title, btw, is the very first comment in the story.

Folks seem perplexed at how the police can't be everywhere at once. Yet they don't seem to connect that everything is being handled the same way it is every time. And after the fact, as usual.

I don't have a conceal carry license. Yet. But I just might get one soon while I still can.


VikingMoose said...

Happy New year, Sage!

sage said...

Thanks, Moose! I hereby resolve to update this blog more often.

VikingMoose said...

yes. yes you do. :)