Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here's how my ballot looks 2008

Well, I've put it off long enough. Using my voting strategy (below), what follows is how I'm voting in the 2008 general election, starting at the top of the ballot:

Initiative 985: Yes, mainly because I know that red-light cameras are merely a revenue source and can be tweaked to make more money, for example, by making yellow lights shorter. This measure would require the money from those to be dedicated for traffic flow.

Initiative 1000: Yes.

Initiative 1029: Yes, because I do think that our elderly and disabled need qualified care. I don't know that this initiative would accomplish this, but I need to vote my conscience here.

Federal Offices:
President: The Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr. I know that Obama will carry this state anyway, but it will be “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

US Representative District 1: The incumbent is Jay Inslee, and Larry Ishmael is the strongest challenger, so Larry gets my vote.

Governor: The incumbent is Chris Gregoire, and the strongest challenger is Dino Rossi, so he gets my vote.

Lieutenant Governor: The incumbent is Brad Owen and the strongest challenger is Marcia McCraw, so she gets my vote.

Secretary of State: Sam Reed (the Republican!) is the incumbent, so Democrat Jason Osgood gets my vote.

State Treasurer: The office is open (no incumbent), and there is no third party candidate, so I'm writing in “Turd Sandwich.”

State Auditor: The incumbent is Brian Sonntag, so the Republican Dick McEntee gets the nod.

Attorney General: Rob McKenna is the incumbent, so John Ladenburg (D) gets the vote.

Commissioner of Public Lands: Doug Southerland is in the office now, so Peter Goldmark (D) gets it.

(Non-Partisan) Superintendent of Public Instruction: I'm writing in “School Vouchers”

Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kreidler is in there, so I'm voting John Adams (ha!)

State Senator: Connie Lord (voting against Phil Rockefeller)

State Representative 1: I'm not just voting against Sherry Appleton, but for Larry Cooney (A Ron Paul Republican)

State Representative 2: Mark Lowe (voting against Christine Rolfes)

County Commissioner 1: Sandra LaCelle (voting against Steve Bauer)

County Commissioner 2: The office is open and there is no third party candidate, so I'm writing in “Giant Douche”

County Auditor: John Clark (voting against Walt Washington)
For the rest of the non-partisan races (judicial and PUD commissioner), I'm writing in “Giant Douche” or “Turd Sandwich” (I'll flip a coin).

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VikingMoose said...

"Superintendent of Public Instruction: I'm writing in “School Vouchers”"